About Grup Xaluca

Discover who is behind one of the leading hotel groups in the south of Morocco.

The Xaluca Group is made up of a big team including all the different hotels, auberges, and bivouacs in Morocco, a touristic transport agency in Morocco as well, and a travel agency located in Spain.

Kasbah Hotel Xaluca Arfoud, Kasbah Hotel Tombouctou, Hotel Xaluca Dades, Xaluca Ifess Fess Refuge de Montagne, Auberge La Belle Étoile, Bivouacs Xaluca and Xaluca Aït Ben Haddou Maison d'Hôte are strategically situated in the south of Morocco and accommodate more than 100,000 people every year from many different countries.

Tayeb Ettaiek, a Moroccan and Lluís Pont, a Spaniard, lead the group, and they have found a balance between traditionalism and modernism, taking care of every detail to make every client feel both comfortable and intrigued by a unique experience. As general coordinator of all the logistics in Morocco, we have Lakhlafa Ettaiek, who has a broad knowledge of tourist attractions in the area as well travelers’ needs.

Our Timeline
Thanks to its professional Team, Grup Xaluca hasn't stopped growing and improving since the year 2001.
  • 1998
    Kasbah Hotel Tombouctou
    Founded in: 1998
  • 2001
    Kasbah Hotel Xaluca Arfoud
    Founded in: 2001
  • 2004
    Auberge La Belle Étoile
    Founded in: 2004
  • 2007
    Hola Xaluca Dades
    Founded in: 2007
  • 2013
    Xaluca Ifess Fess Refuge de Montagne
    Founded in: 2013
  • 2002
    Arfoud Voyages
    Founded in: 2002
  • 2002
    Xaluca Tours
    Founded in: 2002
  • SOON
    Xaluca Aït-Ben-Haddou Maison d'Hôte
    Coming soon
  • SOON
    Hotel Xaluca Dunes
    Coming soon
New Hotels
Xaluca Aït Ben Haddou Maison D'Hôte y Hotel Xaluca Dunes are the next two projects of Grup Xaluca.
Coming Soon!

The beginning of a long adventure

A dream of Lluís and Tayeb.

Tayeb and Lluís, or is it Lluís and Tayeb? We will never know the order of how this peculiar history began. Tayeb is a Bedouin from the Moroccan desert, and I am Lluís, a Spanish adventurer.

Everything began on a trip I did with my wife, Emma, and my kids, Elisabet and Joan, to Morocco. I wanted them to discover a country that, in my previous visits with my motorbike, impressed me, especially because of its people, who are welcoming and kind.

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